53131 Quince Road
South Bend, IN 46628
T: (574) 235-8899
E: ohanaoffice@arosieplace.org

Our vision is to establish a transformative 1,735 square foot studio uniquely crafted for medically fragile and special needs children.

This space is meticulously designed to provide opportunities for breaking barriers and nurturing creative expression, tailored to the unique abilities of these children. It offers an interactive environment where art is created leveraging the environment as an advantage instead of a disadvantage.

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Imagination Zone

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Original work of heART

Technology and AI

HeARTworks Studio embraces cutting-edge technology and AI to redefine the boundaries of creativity. For children facing medical challenges, traditional artmaking can be difficult. AI Art offers an avenue for self-expression and connection, breaking through physical limitations to unlock the boundless creativity within each child. With AI as a creative partner, the only limit is their imagination. Bringing purposeful outcomes and the most useful tools to the children makes the studio buzz with life and creativity.

A Destination For Transformative Learning

Mobile Surfaces

Adjustable tables, easels, and workstations to ensure accessibility for all children, including those in wheelchairs.

Multi-Sensory Environment

Art is more than just a visual experience – it’s a multi-sensory journey that engages all the senses and stimulates the mind, body, and soul. Designed to engage, inspire and delight children of all abilities, providing an enriching art experience.

Auditory and Visual Integration

High-quality sound systems for therapeutic auditory experiences and visual projection system to create immersive, changeable visual environments.

Creating an adaptive & interactive environment

Sky Screens

Designed with accessibility in mind, Sky Screens transforms the ceiling into a canvas of creativity, bringing art to new heights for children who are in wheelchairs (and many times positioned looking upwards). Children can complete their masterpieces either through AI art generation or traditional mediums, and will then be able to “toss it” (electronically) to the sky on display for all to see!

Legacy Naming Opportunities

Create a lasting legacy at A Rosie Place for Children’s HeARTworks Studio! Your support will not only leave a lasting impact but help us color outside the lines for children with special needs.


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