53131 Quince Road
South Bend, IN 46628
T: (574) 235-8899
E: ohanaoffice@arosieplace.org

After every stay, our children get to bring home a work of art to proudly show their parents. That art can then be displayed in the home as a constant reminder of the love, care and fun that child experiences at A Rosie Place for Children. A lot of friendships are made during art and it is a great way for our children to bond with our medical team.

We look at our children and immediately think about all the things they CAN DO! We use their hands, feet, thumbs, and fingertips. The end result is a picture that is joyful, colorful, and celebrates who our children are.

Enjoy our Works of heART!

Donate today and customize your own card with one of our artists’ artworks, along with a personal message of your choosing! We’ll print them out and give to our families here at A Rosie Place.
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