53131 Quince Road
South Bend, IN 46628
T: (574) 235-8899
E: ohanaoffice@arosieplace.org

Fragile, Not Broken Podcast

A Rosie Place for Children is innovative in the healthcare industry in Indiana. You can also check out our YouTube Channel to hear from families, staff and supporters of A Rosie Place for Children.

A Virtual tour of a rosie place (Drone footage)

A Day in the Life - The Davis Family

Avonlea arrives for a Sleepover

Avonlea’s mom talks about the importance of having a safe place for medically fragile children 💕

Parents share why the service provided at A Rosie Place for Children is so needed.

The United Rosie Games - started 2021 through a partnership with United Federal Credit Union

United Federal Credit Union partners with A Rosie Place to provide a day of celebration of our children – The United Rosie Games!
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Entrepreneurship for Nonprofits (Tieal Bishop & A Rosie Place for Children)

GiveGrove Cofounder, Alex Sejdinaj, talks with Tieal Bishop, Executive Director of A Rosie Place for Children about the entrepreneurial spirit of running a mission-driven organization during the pandemic. To learn more about GiveGrove, visit givegrove.com 🍋.

Tieal Bishop, CEO talks about what is a medically fragile child.

Warren Township Firefighters visit a rosie place

In memory of Charlie

How we celebrate birthdays at A Rosie Place for Children!

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