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Future Projects

Rooted In, Now Branching Out

Future opportunities to leave a legacy beyond our lifetime.


Facilitating passion and purpose is a vision we have at A Rosie Place for Children, and we are intentional in every effort to do so. We hold our responsibility to unite investor’s gifts with concepts that fuel transformation in the highest regard.

We believe that investing in a mission, organization, or concept, should ignite such a deep sense of purpose that it causes a person to realize that their value is not simply in the gift, but rather, the power of transformation in the lives it changes.

HeARTworks Studio


A Multi-Sensory Experience For Complex Children To Create In A Dedicated Space.

Art is part of every stay for children here, whether it’s a day or a weeklong sleepover. Art is a path of communication and is integrated into the culture we have created.  Art allows our children to be creative through exploring various mediums and providing an outlet for expression of their individuality.  Creating these works of heART by the children with their RN nurse or support staff fosters trust building.

Many families have dedicated a “Rosie” wall at home specifically reserved for their child’s artwork.  While art for children with full cognitive and physical function is a part of daily life, it takes creative thinking and one-on-one supervision to encourage our children through the process.  Parents are often moved to tears because the first piece of art their child has ever brought home comes from their stay at A Rosie Place for Children.

Building the dedicated HeARTworks studio space will incorporate opportunities to break barriers while fostering creative expression. This space will be designed specifically for a medically fragile child’s unique abilities, offering an interactive environment where art is created without limitations, using the environment as an advantage. We will create a destination for transformative learning for them, with a multi-sensory environment, creation through tech & AI, adaptive tools, mobile surfaces, auditory and visual integration, and inspirational interiors with tactile components.

Future Forest At A Rosie Place For Children - Our Regions Re-Defined

We out did ourselves in the nature inspired interior spaces and now it is time to develop our property for children to explore! Imagine our back 2 acres, visually separated into regions. Accessible pathways that will lead you through North Falls, South Point, East Lawn (Greenspace) and West Woods. Nature focal points along the path will not only engage children in the natural environment but allow them to experience it. Raised accessible garden beds for children to plant can heighten their experience of what nature has to teach them as they journey though the property. We envision keeping a natural meadow as a central space to allow native plants and trees to flourish and attract wildlife.

Our Indy Place - The Future Site Of Our Next Respite Facility Named After YOU!

A Rosie Place for Children has been 15 years in the making. It is an innovative solution to the issues faced by families of an increasing population of children who are medically fragile. Premature births are more viable due to increases in technology but sometimes those children have conditions that require medical intervention for many years. A child who is medically fragile requires daily care by specially trained caregivers (above and beyond typical parenting). Children who are medically fragile require the use of therapies and/or specialized high tech medical equipment (such as G-Tubes, ventilators, apnea monitors, suction machines) to sustain or enhance their lives. Conditions that may constitute medically fragile require specialized care that cannot be provided by an untrained care giver. A Rosie Place could serve a much wider community of these families positioned in Indianapolis where so many of them frequently visit for treatments and pediatric specialists in their conditions/diseases, as well as being positioned for better access by those living in the southern region of Indiana.

The Next Leap - A Respite Space For Our Graduates, Who Are Now Our Family.

As our medically fragile children age, there is most often not an increase in independence as with typical children.  In fact, often their conditions deteriorate or their disease advances creating greater dependency at a time of life when they most deserve more autonomy.   Quality group homes are hard to find and do not exist for the most medically dependent young adults.  Parents are aging and while they desperately desire to keep their children at home with them, they need rest and time to rejuvenate more than ever from the demands of their child’s now decades-long care.  Creating another facility replicating the successes at our pediatric home would provide a future and HOPE for the children and families who have grown to love and have enjoyed respite stays over many years.  As our children have aged out we have seen the grief of no longer being able to come to A Rosie Place for Children as there is nowhere else to go.  Without an alternative, families are faced with a long, wearisome road, and if their child lives beyond their ability to care for them at home, institutionalization with a typically much older population.  This would be that special place to call their own starting at age 22.

Freedom To Farm - Experiential Family Campground For An Opportunity To Go Back To The Basics Utilizing The Resources Of Land.

Imagine a place where families get to explore nature, camp together in community, and slow down to reconnect.  Welcome to Freedom to Farm Campgrounds!  Imagine an all accessible campground designed for families who care for special needs children, especially unique for those with medical complexities! This acreage would boast of 10-12 family cabins with full accessibility for wheelchairs, extra power back up for medical equipment, and be in close proximity to one another to share in the experience with other families. We dream of a place where families get to fish together for the first time because our pond is wheelchair accessible.  Paths would be included through woodlands and natural settings, viewing platforms, trails, adaptive bicycles, a community fire pit, a picnic area and family pavilion. Families will be able to go back to the basics and be surrounded by nature.

 In addition to providing adaptive space for the children and families, a traditional Midwestern experience of participation in a farm community would enhance their family adventure. This aspect will foster an appreciation for what land has to offer and educate as they experience simple farm life.  We see families gathering fresh eggs for their breakfast from the free range chickens, utilizing the fruits of the orchards and harvesting vegetables from the gardens. They would have the unique opportunity to eat the produce grown on the ‘family farm’ while making memories for a lifetime.

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