We are the children of A Rosie Place.  We are loved and cherished by our parents and caregivers.  We face many diverse challenges to daily living, yet each of our lives has purpose.  

A Rosie Place exists just for kids like us, a place all our own, and unlike any other, designed with only us in mind.  When we come to stay at a Rosie Place, we are loved and nurtured.  We are cared for by specially trained individuals who do all in their power to make it a "home away from home" for us.  We eat together, we play together, and sometimes, we paint together.  Our paintings are made from our hands, our feet, our thumbs, and our fingertips. Sometimes created over a series of visits, we each add something of ourselves until a completed picture appears - a picture that is joyful, and colorful, and celebrates who we are.  Enjoy our Works of heART!

Each year, we participate in ARTBEAT in downtown South Bend.  Join us this year on August 20th as we display our kiddos art and tell folks all about what we do here at A Rosie Place!