What is a Medically Fragile child?

A child who is medically fragile requires daily care by specially trained caregivers (above and beyond typical parenting). Children who are medically fragile require the use of therapies and/or specialized high tech medical equipment (such as G-Tubes, ventilators, apnea monitors, suction machines) to sustain or enhance their lives.

Conditions that may constitute medically fragile include (but are not limited to): premature birth, brain injury, uncontrolled seizure disorder, cancer, spina bifida, complications from surgeries, chronic lung or heart disease, swallowing disorders or specialized feeding issues, neuromuscular disease, or other chronic health conditions such as diabetes and asthma that require specialized care that cannot be provided by an untrained care giver.

What is it like when a child comes to visit A Rosie Place?

Children who visit A Rosie Place "come home" to a very special setting where they are always warmly welcomed. Our goal is to become part of the extended family of those we serve. When a child stays here, they are with "family".

Our children's caregivers can be confident in the care and nurturing their child will experience here. Children are encouraged to bring their special things with them - a favorite toy, a movie, music, anything that would make this home like their home. Read more here.

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