Restorative Interlude

(Exceptional away-from-home respite care)

Accommodations for children who are medically fragile

There is no missing the fact that A Rosie Place is something unique and special; we simply think outside the box when it comes to caring for our children and their families.

Six distinct bedrooms each providing a unique nature-inspired environment. Children can stay in Desert Dreams, Sunny Meadow, Jungle Playground, Moonscape Mountain, The Harbor, or Barefoot Beach. Guests can use one of three bathrooms (the Pond, the Waterfall, and the River) which are especially equipped for a variety of abilities/needs. Children and staff gather in the common rooms: Grand Park (our living room) and Nibbling Nook (the kitchen, of course!). We eat together and play together!

Murals enhance a growing number of spaces at A Rosie Place, each one provided by the generosity of sponsors/donors (Thank you donors, Sweet Pea Foundation, Bill & Mary Jane Stanley and artist, Annie Monger of Wallscapes Painting!). Currently guests can experience an underwater sea and a tropical beach. Upcoming projects include a moonscape and a forest path.